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3DEverywhere is a spin-off of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova. The company researches and develops professional products, through innovative technologies. It aims to offer solutions designed to meet all customers' requirements.
The know-how of 3DEverywhere covers:

- image and video analysis;
- HW/SW solutions for industrial, architectural and medical 3D modeling;
- visualization of images, video and 3-D models on mobile phones and PDAs;
- image transmission and 3-D models transmission;
- multimedia databases.

Strength Points:

3DEverywhere has proved itself a flexible and reliable partner in several important projects.  Each solution proposed by 3DEverywhere is based on:
- strong scientific background;
- continuous Research and Development activities which focus on customer requirements;
- IPR (Industrial Property Right) and Property Licenses;
- capability of customized software development;
- collaboration with Universities and National and International Research Institutions.


3DEverywhere received the prestigious IST Prize Nomination in 2004 for 3DE Mobile. 3DEverywhere was classified 23rd out of 420, and was first of the Italian companies involved in the competition.
The IST prize is a prestigiuos award for the best products in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

3DEverywhere is realizing ASAC DATI, the information platform of ASAC (Archivio Storico delle Arti Contemporanee) which organizes the historical documentation of Venice "Biennale". ASAC Dati received in November 2007 the International Prize "Euromediterraneo", promoted by the "'Associazione Italiana della Comunicazione Pubblica e Istituzionale", one of the more prestigious awards in communication.