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3DEverywhere delivers customized applications for:

3D interactive representations and viewers for mobile phones and PDAs

  • Virtual tours for mobile phones and PDAs
  • Image-based representations of objects
  • "ad hoc" 3D models
  • GPS navigation maps

Architecture 3D and industrial metrology

  • Automatic systems for acquisition and modeling, for "ad hoc" applications
  • Triangulation laser scanners, for acquiring small volumes with texture
  • Time-of-flight laser scanners for acquisition of architectural places with texture. Multispectral texture is available if needed.
  • Texturization of objects and buildings.

2D and 3D Tracking

  • Sport
  • Traffic
  • Video-surveillance
  • Face and car-plate location and counting

Multimedia data-bases

  • Digital libraries (Asac)
  • Content-based search (audio/video/images)
  • Automatic content classification

Medical applications

  • Automatic reconstruction of dental casts
  • Automatic measurement and monitoring of edemas
  • 3D modeling of anatomy, body parts

Ad hoc Stereo

  • Face recognition
  • Architectural reconstruction
  • Sea-wave reconstruction


3DEverywhere delivers "ad hoc" customizations of all its products and, upon request, 3DEverywhere can integrate its solutions with its customers' applications.
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Among our customers are:

Microtec - ASAC and La Biennale di Venezia – Cielle – Orlian - Fondazione Tiziano – Lucchetta - Musei Diocesiani di Vicenza - Magnifica Comunità del Cadore - Provincia di Belluno