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3DE Modeling Suite
A professional application for the automatic construction of 3D models of free-form surfaces with or without texture. It can be used in many applications, among which: 

  • Mechanical engineering: industrial 3D reverse engineering, industrial metrology of mechanical parts, 3D industrial design
  • Civil engineering: 3D modeling of contemporary or historical buildings,  with the possibility of including texture information
  • Cultural heritage: realization of textured 3D models of sculptures, pottery, coins, and any museum objects
  • Medicine: 3D modeling with possible texture information of anatomical districts or medical aids such as orthopaedic prostheses, dental casts, etc.
  • Forensic applications: 3D color reconstruction and measurement of crime scenes, car accidents, etc..

Upon request, 3DEverywhere can also supply application-specific 3D laser scanning systems (based on triangulation or time of flight) with “ad hoc” resolutions and precisions natively matched to the family of 3DE Modeling Suite products.

Main features of our 3D Software:
  • Automatic pair-wise registration of free-form surfaces and subsequent automatic 3D modeling
  •  Construction of 3D models with photorealistic colors without visual artifacts
  •  Possibility of “ad hoc” customizations upon specific user’s requests
  • Analysis of 3D models, comparison with 3D CAD, sections, distances

3DE Modeling Professional
3DE Modeling Professional is the part of the 3DE Modeling Suite targeting 3D modeling needs typical of industrial metrology and civil engineering (i.e., photogrammetry-based, time-of-flight scanning systems). It is comprised of two modules: the Automatic Model Builder module for unsupervised realization of 3D models and the Wizard module for automatic construction of any number of 3D models. 

3DE Modeling Color
3DE Modeling Color is the 3DE Modeling Suite answer to the needs of photorealistic textured 3D models. 3DE Modeling Color features two modules: Color Merger and Calibration. The first performs RGB texture blending by means of innovative color management and color equalization algorithms enabling the realization of textured 3D models without visual artifacts. The Calibration module, instead, aligns range data with texture data. 

3DE Modeling Analyzer
3DE Modeling Analyzer links the 3D models obtained by the 3DE Modeling Professional to CAD/CAM data allowing the comparison of measured surfaces with their prototypal counterparts as well the measurement of distances, curvatures, sections and the analysis of the differences from the prototypal shapes.

Minimum requirements: Pentium III @ 2Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, 64 Mb OpenGL compatibile video card, Windows XP