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3DE Tracking
An advanced application for tracking objects in video sequences: it can be adapted to specific contexts (such as sports analysis, car tracking, traffic monitoring and video surveillance). It can also be used as an alarm detector or to evaluate statistics on individuals in scenes taken by clusters of video-cameras, since it is able to follow the tracked object when it leaves the field of view of one camera to enter that of an other one. For instance, a version of 3DE Tracking is included in a product for the analysis of soccer games in the Italian “Serie A” Championship and in the Champions League. 

There is also an extension of 3DE Tracking designed specially for face and car plate location and counting.

Main features:

  • Multi-camera calibration with distortion correction
  • Automatic detection of actors and objects in the scene
  • Manual correction of tracks
  • Computation of statistical data
  • Alarm detection
  • And it can be customized to meet user’s specific requirements

Minimum requirements: Pentium III @ 2Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, 64 Mb OpenGL compatibile video card, Windows XP