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3DE Photo-Zoomer
3DE Photo-Zoomer is an image viewer which allows the user to browse high-quality images on the web or on other media. 3DE Photo-Zoomer exploits the available bandwidth in a very efficient way. It makes it possible to freely explore images and to interactively zoom in onto specific details of interest. The idea behind 3DE Photo-Zoomer is to exploit an efficient compression algorithm so as to be able to visualize, progressively, images of any size at every resolution. 3DE Photo-Zoomer offers fast download times by gradually improving image quality. It uses very little memory when operating. The proprietary 3DE Photo-Zoomer compression format also stops unauthorized users from downloading the complete image description thereby enforcing copyright protection. Furthermore, unlike other image-zoomer applications available on the market, 3DE Photo-Zoomer does not require a dedicated server. This technology makes it easy to create contents is simple and does not require technical upgrades, so, no extra costs!

Main features:

  • Used wherever you might want to zoom images on the web
  • Fast downloads thanks to a progressive compression algorithm based on JPEG2000
  • More efficient than standard JPEG compression
    (20-30% - depending on the image content)
  • Effective copyright protection: it does not allow unauthorized users to download images
  • No dedicated server is required
  • It can be customized for special needs (hyperlinks, image annotation, etc.) 

Demo 1:
Demo 2:
Demo 3: